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Live longer. Look younger. Feel great.

Live longer.
Look younger.
Feel great.

A specialised Pilates studio with a deeper focus on personalised care, health & wellness provided through small group classes and one-on-one training.

Try a holistic approach to body & mind

In our welcoming studio setting, you’ll find a personalised Pilates program with a holistic focus on your body and mind.  This is provided in small group classes or one-on-one if you prefer.

By combining an engaging variety of movements, you’ll leave every session feeling refreshed and alert with a new sense of physical and mental well-being.

走进我们安全而温馨的普拉提馆, 你不仅能体验一对一私人指导也可以选择小班授课。


Why you must try Pilates

Pilates is an exercise methodology that is highly efficient in developing strength, flexibility, tone, range of motion and body control. 

With our unique combination of specialist equipment and personalised instruction, we’re able to provide an interesting variety of movements that are engaging and stimulating every time you join your session.

Our approach is especially effective after an extended period of in-action and in aiding recovery.  Pilates is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. 

So no matter how your body is feeling, we’ll find an enjoyable and effective place for you to reignite your health and wellness journey.

Studio Pilates with a deeper focus on your health & wellness

About us

Pure Pilates is a cooperative of like-minded Pilates Practitioners and affiliate educators whose primary goal is to support your journey toward happiness, health and wellness.

What makes us different is that we offer private and small group sessions, where you will receive individual, personalised care in our welcoming and inclusive space.

Through detailed education, professional development and training we are continually expanding our application of the Pilates methodology. This allows us to ensure you are receiving excellent support and guidance with every visit to our studio.

Hear from our lovely community

Our approach to Pilates is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Age 64
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I'm 64 and started Pilates weekly studio classes 4 years ago, recommended for low back pain. Since then I've grown in general strength, balance and a much improved understanding of how my body works and how to help it age without injury...oh, and I now do two 1 hour studio sessions per week. For me that's been much more cost effective than a doctor's visit.
Age 29
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I decided to try Pilates as a gentler form of exercise to balance my body and mind and to remedy a few body niggles....I absolutely love Pure Pilates the studio has a great atmosphere (and the Power Plate is a real treat!) My instructor is very knowledgeable and helpful and tailors my sessions very well to suit my needs. The mat classes are also fun and easy to learn the exercises!
Age 47
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I have really enjoyed Pilates at Pure Pilates for more than a year. The fun, friendly environment means that I am now more in control of my body, have reduced chronic back pain (about 90%), plus have motivated myself to lose weight and increase exercise. I feel like a new woman. I keep working on my goal of just being stronger for me. Thank you Pure Pilates.
Age 58
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Although I've been physically fit most of my adult life I felt I needed more specific help when it came to improving my posture, strengthening my core and making my feet more flexible. 18 months later, the instructors at Pure Pilates have and continue to do exactly that.
Age 57
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Over the past 2 1/2 years, the Pilates program has helped me to develop strength and flexibility. I feel firmer and stronger in my core and my posture has improved. It has been great to have such excellent support from Laraine and staff on this road to a healthy me.
Age 64
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I’d been meaning to try Pilates for some time and heard from a friend about Pure Pilates, so I tried it. It was a great decision! The hour is filled with variety, is designed to suit my body needs, is enjoyable and I can feel the benefits of the controlled, steady, strengthening moves. It compliments other exercise I do as walking, riding my bike and gentle exercises at the gym. I can really recommend it! Thank you Pure Pilates team

You'll find us here

We’re located near the heart of Kingston, just 15 minutes drive from the Hobart CBD.

2/16 Mertonvale Circuit
Kingston, Tasmania