Pure Pilates

Health & Wellness Studio in Kingston

About us

Pure Pilates is a welcoming space where private and small group sessions are conducted.  Our Health & Wellness Studio also offers a variety of allied health modalities.

What makes us different is that we are a specialised Pilates studio with a deeper focus on personalised care, health & wellness in small group sessions.

What you can expect

Striving for excellence through continuous improvement, Pure Pilates provides a welcoming, safe and non-discriminating method of improving our clients’ well-being through carefully supervised exercise and holistic advice.


To become an integral and effective contributor to improving the health & well-being of our community, whilst striving for excellence through the continuous improvement of everything we do.


We aim to provide a safe, welcoming and non-discriminating studio space that carefully supervises exercise, provides holistic advice and seeks to improve our clients' health and well-being.


Our core objective is to provide movement and exercise classes that you look forward to, that engage you, leaving you refreshed and alert with a feeling of improved physical and mental well-being.

Meet our Pilates Practitioners

Pure Pilates is a cooperative of like-minded qualified Pilates Practitioners and affiliate educators whose goal is to help you achieve happiness, health and wellness.

We are continually expanding our knowledge and repertoire by attending workshops and Masterclasses presented by National and International experts.

Additionally, our team meets regularly for team training sessions which gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge with each other.


GP & Pilates Practitioner

I was born and raised in Canada, but now I call Tasmania home with my  husband and two kids.

I’m passionate about including Pilates in chronic disease management and helping people live stronger, healthier, happier lives through adaptive exercise.  As well as practicing at Pure Pilates, I am a local GP.

When not working I enjoy walking, cooking, reading, and swimming.


Pilates Practitioner

I’ve always been interested in movement and health.

My passion began in 1979 when I began to teach aerobics.  This was the ‘glory days’ of the 1980s as you can imagine. 

In the 1990s, I began to explore Pilates as it started to gain popularity, and soon after I gained my formal qualifications.

Since then, Pilates has taken me on a wonderful journey.  I love the fact that Pilates combines movement, posture and correct technique as core parts of the teaching. And I really enjoy the hands-on, individual approach I can provide to clients.

On a personal note, I enjoy walking, Yoga, Pilates (of course), gym work, cross-stitch, knitting, crocheting and the time with my family.



Affiliate - Qigong and Health & Wellbeing Practitioner

I first became exposed to the big world of health, wellbeing and fitness in my teens.  Along with the gym and yoga classes I attended, I also began a journey into the power of nutritional compounds and food as medicine.

From then I was hooked, and have taken many varied study pathways throughout my career including an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and a degree in Health Science.

You may already know me from my presence in the Kingston area, where I practice Nutritional and Complementary Medicine, including the healing practice of Qigong.

Experiencing the power of Qigong as a daily practice for wellbeing, can bring presence and calmness to our lives. It provides context and deeper meaning to what makes us healthy and it has been a vital “light bulb” moment for me personally.

I hope you can join me in Qigong classes to experience this transformation too and please don’t hesitate to speak to me about Natural Medicine, as I offer private consultations on-site at Pure Pilates.



Pilates Practitioner

I stumbled on Pilates as a rehabilitation method, following back surgery. I was so impressed with the outcome that I wanted to learn more and share the benefits of Pilates with others.

This led me to gain formal qualifications with Pilates International and join the Pilates Alliance of Australasia. Having now been involved with Pilates for over 20 years, I am continually impressed with the positive outcomes that my clients achieve.

It is a joy to coach clients to reach a new understanding of their bodies. I love helping clients reach their full potential in their strength, flexibility, posture and breathing.

As a qualified ‘3rd Age Woman’ instructor, I also support women to ‘power up’ from peri-menopause and beyond. 



PhD Functional Movement Specialist

After completing my university qualification in the field of Engineering, I realised that sport, training and fitness helped me significantly to complete this step of life. I love fitness, especially when it is mixed with some challenges.

I was a member of Futsal of university club during my Bachelor’s study. One part of my research in my Master’s degree was on the relationship between cardiovascular training style and human body temperature in different levels of intensity and methods of training.

During my PhD study, I have investigated biomechanics, especially human body movement and joint mobility.

I have spent 3 years working in different styles of the fitness industry including martial arts, animal flow, cardiovascular training and body strength training. I have discovered the Pilates Method is an excellent addition to the training I offer.

I have found my passion is helping clients to create a balance for their life based on a combination of fitness modalities.


Pilates Practitioner

Like many instructors I found Pilates after developing chronic hip pain from poor posture and repetitive movement.

After a few trips to the Physio, Pilates was recommended and with a couple of years attending classes I decided to train as an instructor in mat and equipment Pilates.

The thing I love about Pilates is that it works on many different levels, the obvious ones being strength and flexibility but students also gain a natural sense of command in their personal space and connection with everyday movement.

I have also recently completed a three day workshop with Scolio-Pilates Australia learning how to use Pilates effectively for people with Scoliosis.



Trainee Pilates Practitioner (offering Chinese speaking classes)

I have been a Pilates client at Pure Pilates for almost two years. I have developed strength and flexibility that I didn’t know was possible for me. Over that time I have grown to love the Pilates method, especially the strong connection between the mind and the body. I love the discipline and the continual benefits of practising Pilates.

When the opportunity to become a Pilates Instructor was offered to me, I accepted with great enthusiasm. I am currently studying the Diploma of Pilates with National Pilates Training and Pure Pilates.

When I am not at the Pure Pilates Studio, I can be found in my garden or my private bakery studio. I love to share my Chinese traditional cake baking with other baking lovers.  I also enjoy the art of Ikebana Unbound as well as Baptiste Pitou Floral Arrangement.

My university degree is a Bachelor of Accounting from Monash University and I also speak fluent Mandarin.

I really love sharing my positive experiences with others, both in the Pilates studio and with my other endeavours. I look forward to getting to know you in the Pilates studio.

Our goal is to support you to achieve happiness, health and wellness

Our affiliations

We have found a number of external organisations that support our activities or that offer products and services that we feel are completely in tune with.

LAGOM NutriHealing

Jennifer Phillips is a holistic nutritional practitioner and certified teacher of Qigong.  She will support your personal health and well-being journey through an assessment and evaluation of your physical, mental, social, spiritual and nutritional health status.  She offers services from the Pure Pilates studio each week.

Allcare Physiotherapy

A physiotherapy practice is located in Sandy Bay. It offers a comprehensive range of private physiotherapy services. They can offer physiotherapy services for sports injuries, rehabilitation and neurological problems, musculoskeletal problems as well as specialising in helping people suffering from balance and dizziness issues and with issues relating to weak pelvic floor muscular control.

Body Organics

Exceptional Pilates studios across Brisbane that work with a skilled set of Pilates Instructors and other Allied Health Professionals. Body Organics is an RTO for Accredited Pilates Instructor courses and offers extensive continuing education programs for registered Pilates Instructors.

National Pilates Training

A wide range of government accredited qualifications, short-courses and workshops and learn how you can become an accredited Pilates teacher with Australia’s leading Pilates educators.

Pilates Alliance Australasia

Set up by Pilates practitioners as an independent and not-for-profit organisation that acts as a regulatory body to monitor and ensure ongoing quality of instruction and integrity in the Pilates Method industry and to support its members.


An emerging global leader in cellular health, is dedicated to providing a sustainable lifestyle by delivering high-quality cellular health products.

Medecins Sans Frontieres

An international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation delivering emergency aid and support to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare.